With over 25 years of experience in production of Bituminous products and Chemical additives related to flexible pavements, Agrawal Infrabuild (P) Ltd. are leader in the field of road construction and preservation. One of the best road maintenance technologies in terms of energy preservation, material consumption, durability and economy is Micro surfacing that has emerged as a dependable way of preventing distress to existing pavement.

Micro surfacing is one of the toughest and most versatile pavement surface treatments available. While conventional slurry seal is used as an economical treatment for sealing and extending the service of roads, micro surfacing has many added capabilities.

Quality micro surfacing work requires consistent materials, scientific mix designs, high-quality equipment, and a trained, experienced contractor. AIPL excels in all categories and has done micro surfacing work for over two decades. We have an inhouse design facility using ASTM equipment to design tailor-made job mix formula suitable for every project’s individual needs and material characteristics to increase performance, minimize downtime, and ensure that the micro is mixed and applied properly.